// sav015 Awakening //
Enchanted World 0 02:51 Enchanting notes repeat and give way to huge percussion hits & radiantly ethereal vocals. From 0:54 the innocent voice of hope or maybe melancholy rises over magical strings to then from 2:09 return to it's powerful percussion, string and voice interplay. sav015-01 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
We Stand Together 0 03:37 Mysteriously the angelic voice enters and entices. @ 0:37 radiant strings enter and the voice continues and builds and builds @1:48 this celestial hit song really establishes itself, lifts the spirit and installs courage in all that hear it. With powerfu sav015-02 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Angels Flight 0 03:20 Sparkling piano notes ripple a glorious cello flows over the top & deep hits mean business. @ 0:44 the strings & percussion enter with strong determination & hopeful expectation. @ 1:32 a celestial yet powerful voice urges to rise and overcome all obstacl sav015-03 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Mothers Lullaby 0 03:14 This soul tearing lullaby, expresses Love in it's deepest raw emotion, the female voice engenders tears of joy and interplays with the cello, violin and orchestra in the most romantic way?.a lullaby that will leave no dry eye for those that watch your sce sav015-04 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Crying Soul 0 03:07 These sensitive yet heroic and powerful female vocals call forth a raw intensity, yet inspiring and filled with hope, overcoming trial and tribulation bring about hope, this all supported with sensitive piano and powerful strings and brass, the percussion sav015-05 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Light In The Dark 0 04:02 The violin cries out, sound design calls for help & creates worry @ 1:12 the percussion and the strings blossom and carry the violin in its beautiful virtuosic hopeful splendor. The dynamic folds back into worry and sadness, then @ 2:50 the amazing vi sav015-06 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
From The Stars 0 02:55 Mysterious is the open, tender and melancholy cello melodies, slowly the whisper of hope percolates and grows and evokes wonder @1:23 the story completely unfurls and takes us to lands never seen before, with the grandeur of our whole orchestra and drivin sav015-07 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Infinite Destiny 0 02:38 Short intro cries emotionally with violin and sound design @ 0:20 a huge percussion band, brass & sound design show a silver screen filled with human endeavor and experiences to be had by those that dare to take the journey, the vulnerability of our hero sav015-08 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Floating In Space 0 03:11 Gentle yet propulsive piano notes ripple, interrupted by sound design howls @ 0:47 a deeply touching violin sings from an elevated perspective on the world, with the urge for better inter-human understanding, yet this does not unfold without some struggl sav015-09 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Gabriels Sword 0 03:05 Serious yet adventurous is this galaxy scaling aural story, low strings and sound design set the tone of not taking this venture for granted, it continues to build until a road block @ 1:48 then slowly our protagonist overcomes the intense physical & emo sav015-10 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Awakening 0 03:17 Delicate minimalist piano notes, followed by a soaring melancholic cello melody urging us to say goodbye for a journey to be undertaken. @ 1:29 the captivating sky filling cello, percussion, strings and sound design move us along, giving us to courage to sav015-11 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Chasing Dreams 0 03:15 Deeply touching Piano chords intro, answered by cosmic whale calls @ 0:22 the strings tell a story of amazing beauty to be found in far away places @ 1:06 the miraculous quest begins, with glorious volleys of choirs, percussion, orchestra and shimmering sav015-12 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link

Album Description:

Voci celestiali che sollevano lo spirito da paure e dubbi. Sound orchestrali per animare l'ascoltatore di ottimismo e forza.