// sav013 Blood Moon //
Icarus Fly 0 02:51 Seductive female vocals yearn during the intro, then from @ 0:50 they soar throughout, on top of deep intense percussion and blazing strings @ 1:26 a suspenseful smoldering sound design breakdown, then @ 2:14 the vocal, orchestra, percussion and Sound Des sav013-01 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Pyramids 0 02:52 Slowly this cue unfolds in profound melancholy and/or deeply worried anticipations, growing and growing with creative synthesis, swirling intense and serious string patterns, deep brass growls @ 1:17 the cello and strings express worry and/or sorrow in an sav013-02 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Hollow Calling 0 08:24 This immense dreadful sound design deformity will make you a grown man run in fear, it slowly rises in its ugliness and then @ 0:38 batters you with huge hits that will detonate a planet, howling sound design and ugly dissonance scream evil @ 1:32 the rel sav013-03 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Secret Passion 0 02:36 A composition that drips with moving and intense feelings, a passionate intro with virtuoso cello softly laments over sound design and percussion, then builds and the cello weeps over rhythmic strongly forward moving strings and forceful percussion, conti sav013-04 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Sky Dancer 0 02:40 Sound Design, muted percussive hits and metal guitar rumblings open, then @ 0:39 huge drum set, percussion, more metal guitar chords and time pushing string support, a galaxy-scaling female vocal, which expresses bundles of hope and courage, with marvelou sav013-05 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Angel Pride 0 02:36 A sublime female voice rises over a soft string intro, but then surges and floats in heavenly yet commanding manner over devastating sound design hits and massive orchestral phrases, maybe with a touch of mercy during the annihilation, to then close lovin sav013-06 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Separated By Time 0 02:42 Delicate little bells, minimalist piano notes, soft percussive elements with a passionate cello softly slips intimately into our heart, until it breaks and cries out loudly @ 1:01 /w deep sound design hits and sentiment, then @ 1:23 the cello soars over p sav013-07 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Old Hangar 0 02:30 Suspenseful and forewarning of more difficult times, the guitars, sound design and orchestra broods in the intro, to then insistently and slowly build worry upon worry @1:11 SD and guitar break in energy then double in tempo and energy with huge brass and sav013-08 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Black Eagle 0 02:41 Dynamic multi faceted orchestral hybrid, from intense sound design and thunder thuds to suspended energy sections floating and building back up, but always returning to an insistent slow and massive death march of the great ones. This insistent thriller r sav013-09 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Other Side 0 02:56 Suspended sound design intro with emoting string melodies @ 0:44 acoustic guitars and percussion strum and percolate a forward paced momentum, with melancholy far away trumpet melody @ 1:26 big break, soaring full string section with nasty distorted guita sav013-10 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Dark Mirror 0 02:36 Ominous sound design layered intro, creates a sense of unease keeping us suspended uncomfortably until a big break @ 0:50 a loud scream fills the emptiness and announces the comings of the unknown,the arrival of an ever building energy with intense percus sav013-11 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link
Combative Creed 0 02:30 Intro with dark howling guitars and otherworldly calls sets a gloomy atmosphere @ 0:32 the restless strings start moving us towards threatening call & answer choirs and orchestra with more bone shattering metal guitars, creating a dark and massive discomf sav013-12 mp3 Download Track-Cuesheet Copy Track Link

Album Description:

Un sound design unico nel suo genere. Voci femminili e virtuosismi magistrali di un'orchestra che sa coniugare brani ricchi di suspense a note che scaldano il cuore.