// ivox283 Farming //
01 Drought 01:47 Soft Country-Pop, motivating guitar, uplifting, positive Download Track-Cuesheet Working On The Farm
02 Garden Holidays 02:06 Positive Country-Blues, gentle guitars, happy, magical Download Track-Cuesheet Working On The Farm
03 Dry Heat 01:41 Groovy Blues, cool guitar, determined, free & careless Download Track-Cuesheet Working On The Farm
04 Bustling Farmers 02:07 Carrying Country-Blues, positive guitars, uplifting, cool Download Track-Cuesheet Working On The Farm
05 Bountiful Harvest 02:20 Smooth Country, relaxed guitars, proud, humorous atmo Download Track-Cuesheet Working On The Farm
06 Bright Moment 01:59 Driving Country, playful guitars, happy, carefree, sunny Download Track-Cuesheet Working On The Farm
07 Farmer's Rock 02:19 Uplifting Country-Rock, driving guitars, banjo, wild, free Download Track-Cuesheet Working On The Farm
08 Chicken Shack Party 02:24 Relaxed Country-Pop, soft guitars, positive, thoughtful Download Track-Cuesheet Working On The Farm
09 Avventura 01:32 Smooth Country-Pop, gentle guitars, happy, cozy, dreamy Download Track-Cuesheet Working On The Farm
10 Bring Us The Sun 01:32 Cozy Country-Pop, warm guitars, peaceful, happy, gentle Download Track-Cuesheet Fair Farming
11 Golden Harvest 01:32 Peaceful Country-Pop, gentle guitars & organ, romantic Download Track-Cuesheet Fair Farming
12 Country Love 02:18 Dreamy Country-Pop, romantic guitars, cozy, save, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Fair Farming
13 Divine Daylight 02:08 Relaxed Country-Pop, light piano, harmonica, gentle, cozy Download Track-Cuesheet Fair Farming
14 Sustainable Agriculture 01:36 Touching Pop, romantic guitars, peaceful, inspiring, warm Download Track-Cuesheet Fair Farming
15 Ecological Balance Sheet 02:13 Motivating Country, calm guitars & percussion, positive Download Track-Cuesheet Fair Farming
16 Campfire Romance 01:51 Positive Country Folk, uplifting mandolins,let's tackle it Download Track-Cuesheet Fair Farming
17 Eco Fertilizer 02:05 Gentle Country-Pop, calm guitars, positive, warm, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Fair Farming
18 Echo In The Valley 02:10 Peaceful Country, calm accordion, guitar, magical, pure Download Track-Cuesheet Fair Farming
19 Catch The Cow 01:36 Groovy Country-Blues, inciting guitars, positive, uplifting Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Dungheap
20 Chugalong 02:45 Easy Country-Swing, smooth violin, organ, happy, light Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Dungheap
21 Acres Of Joy 01:45 Happy Traditional Folk, positive tuba, guitar, cute, alpine Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Dungheap
22 Dieselcaster Joe 02:13 Funny Country-Rock, inciting e-guitar, cool, groovy atmo Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Dungheap
23 Mating Season 01:42 Weird German Folk-Punk, cow moo,farmer goes crazy Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Dungheap
24 Fiddle Magic 02:00 Cheerful Country-Rock, ragtime piano & violin, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Dungheap
25 Busy Farmer 01:31 Happy Rockabilly-Blues, cheerful guitars, carefree atmo Download Track-Cuesheet Quirky Dungheap
26 Daisy Wine 02:22 Panoramic Country-Filmscore, big percussion, expressive Download Track-Cuesheet Bad Harvest
27 Thunder And Rain 02:01 Mysterious Filmscore, tense pads, guitars, hopeful, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Bad Harvest
28 Lonely Trail 02:18 Soft Blues, smooth guitars, mysterious, determined, tragic Download Track-Cuesheet Bad Harvest
29 Derelict Land 01:44 Gloomy Filmscore, threatening pads, guitar, furtive, tense Download Track-Cuesheet Bad Harvest
30 Come Back 02:18 Meditative Ambient-Country, floating guitars, peaceful Download Track-Cuesheet Bad Harvest
31 Vain Endeavor 02:36 Smooth Ambient-Country, soft piano, guitars, mysterious Download Track-Cuesheet Bad Harvest
32 Crop Failure 01:54 Peaceful Country, wide guitars, thoughtful, save, dreamy Download Track-Cuesheet Bad Harvest
33 Farm Memories 02:09 Positive Pop, warm guitars,fondly looking back, pensive Download Track-Cuesheet Bad Harvest
Album Description:

Che tu sia un contadino di vecchio stampo o un’ intraprendente agricoltore, questo album offre i brani adatti ad ogni attività nella fattoria: lavoro duro, coltivazione biologica, produzione del proprio compost e risoluzione dei problemi nella moderna industria alimentare.