// bib003 Material World //
01 Sellout 01:33 Nervous Electro Rock, driving e-guitars & synths, in a good mood Download Track-Cuesheet Final Sale
02 Midnight Deal 02:28 Cold House, dark synths, penetrant sound, agitated, technical Download Track-Cuesheet Final Sale
03 Cartoon Mall 03:04 Hectic Techno Electronica, bizarre sounds & melodies, weird & quirky Download Track-Cuesheet Final Sale
04 Billionaire Girl 02:33 Dirty Electronica, distorted bass lick, fat beats, club atmo Download Track-Cuesheet Final Sale
05 Last Occasion 01:38 Aggressive Electronica, penetrating synths, chase, hectical, cold Download Track-Cuesheet Final Sale
06 Addiction Madness Overkill 01:47 Hectic Electronica, noisy synths, brutal drums, strange effects, dark Download Track-Cuesheet Final Sale
07 Mail Order Overkill 02:24 Hectic Drum'n'Bass, airy pad, fast drums, driving Download Track-Cuesheet Final Sale
08 In A Great Hurry 01:40 Hectic Electronica, buzzing sound, special, technical Download Track-Cuesheet Final Sale
09 Cruisin And Rockin 02:28 Catchy Pop Rock, straight drums, solo guitars, dynamic Download Track-Cuesheet Shop Hopping
10 Matter Of Fact 02:25 Melodic Pop-Rock, guitars, rhodes, urban & youthful atmo Download Track-Cuesheet Shop Hopping
11 Trish Trash 01:51 Youthful Pop-Rock, guitars, "freedom", positive & colorful Download Track-Cuesheet Shop Hopping
12 I Like It 01:43 Catchy Pop-Rock, happy e-guitar & synths, cool "hey" & "I like it" vocals, dynamic Download Track-Cuesheet Shop Hopping
13 Consumption Party 02:35 Funky House Dance, wha-wha guitars, driving drums, positive mood Download Track-Cuesheet Shop Hopping
14 Just For Fun 02:17 Driving House, catchy Dance synths, Trance elements, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Shop Hopping
15 First Call 02:52 Happy House, synth, guitar, melodic, positive Download Track-Cuesheet Shop Hopping
16 Machine Gum 02:38 Cool Electro-Pop, youthful e-guitars & beat, easy & laid-back Download Track-Cuesheet New Gadgets
17 I Want It 01:42 Bizarre Hip Hop, disharmonic synths, funky beat, industrial, self-confident Download Track-Cuesheet New Gadgets
18 On Credit 02:34 Mysterious Electronica, fat bass, rhythmic synths, dark & expectant Download Track-Cuesheet New Gadgets
19 Tech Lover 02:36 Nervous Electronica, busy synths, various dub effects, technical atmo Download Track-Cuesheet New Gadgets
20 Cool Energy 01:39 Danceable electronica, pulsing synths, dynamic & technical Download Track-Cuesheet New Gadgets
21 I Am Number One 02:31 Haunting Drum'n'Bass, energetic drums & bass, whistling synth, dynamic Download Track-Cuesheet New Gadgets
22 Berlin Nights 02:28 Stylish House, cool synth & trumpet, urban nightlife & glamour atmo Download Track-Cuesheet Fashion Victims
23 Hot Style 02:25 Relaxed House, positive synths & pads, chill-out atmo Download Track-Cuesheet Fashion Victims
24 Back Tonight 02:38 Cool Tech House, penetrant Bass, Synths, progressive Download Track-Cuesheet Fashion Victims
25 This Is Yours 01:57 Cool Deep House, "this is yours" vocal, strange synths, groovy beat, technical Download Track-Cuesheet Fashion Victims
26 The Stars Day Off 02:11 Noble Chill, soft pads, beeping synths, stylish, fashion atmo Download Track-Cuesheet Fashion Victims
Album Description:

Hot deal. Final sale. Buy one, get one free. Best offer. Only today. Limited amount available. I know well whatever crazy crappy item I need.  Of course I also know what urgent products I don't need, but need to have. So what?