// ivox320 Oops //
01 Kinky Dinky 01:33 Cheerful Swing-Pop, funny banjo and whistling, uplifting, clumsy Download Track-Cuesheet Charming And Silly
02 Silly Fool 01:38 Driving Polka-Pop, stomping tuba, playful, frolicking, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Charming And Silly
03 Quirky Circus 01:41 Uplifting Balkan-Pop, cheerful brass, celebrating, mysterious Download Track-Cuesheet Charming And Silly
04 Gentle Gourmets 01:57 Smooth Gypsy-Jazz, soft guitars, xylophone, swinging, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Charming And Silly
05 Good Morning Friends 02:03 Happy Ska, uplifting tuba, accordion, happy, chasing, funny Download Track-Cuesheet Charming And Silly
06 Best Gift For Grandpa 02:00 Relaxed Gypsy-Pop, cheerful ukulele, accordion, carefree Download Track-Cuesheet Charming And Silly
07 Breakfast At Sunny's 01:54 Joyful Swing, positive piano, accordion & guitar, enjoying Download Track-Cuesheet Charming And Silly
08 A Little Mad 01:47 Funny Polka-Pop, lively brass, organ, clumsy, cute, clownish Download Track-Cuesheet Charming And Silly
09 Charming Grandparents 01:34 Comic Swing, easy piano, satisfied, dumb, clumsy, slapstick Download Track-Cuesheet Charming And Silly
10 Humor To Lighten Up Our Day 01:59 Carefree Swing, cheerful whistling, strings, romantic, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Charming And Silly
11 Granny's Bargain Battle 01:31 Frantic Filmscore, tense piano, synth, escaping, funny, retro Download Track-Cuesheet Charming And Silly
12 Move On Up 01:52 Charming Filmscore, light clarinet, piano, satisfied, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Clumsy
13 Quirky Resolution 02:08 Light Indie-Pop, joyful ukulele, strings, bells, sunny, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Clumsy
14 Cat Nose 01:45 Relaxed Swing, gentle tuba, bells, guitars, carefree, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Clumsy
15 Take One More 01:47 Cute Pop, funny xylophone, piano, happy, careful & naive Download Track-Cuesheet Clumsy
16 Quirky Steps 02:18 Positive Indie-Pop, cheerful bells, ukulele, strings, enjoying Download Track-Cuesheet Clumsy
17 Get Active 01:57 Frisky Gypsy-Swing, cheerful xylophone, playful & clumsy Download Track-Cuesheet Clumsy
18 What's That 00:43 Lazy Filmscore, calm clarinets, flute, "waking up", yawning Download Track-Cuesheet Clumsy
19 Mattress Flipper 01:35 Happy Indie-Pop, positive ukulele, piano, clumsy, curious Download Track-Cuesheet Clumsy
20 What's The Dairy Deal 02:13 Enjoying Indie-Folk, joyful ukulele, guitar, carefree, sunny Download Track-Cuesheet Clumsy
21 Les Pionniers 02:26 Positive Pop, cheerful piano, carefree, childhood, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Clumsy
22 Stumble Trip 01:41 Groovy Funk, funny synths, beat box, strolling, easy, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Clumsy
23 I'll Tell You A Funny Story 01:07 Cheerful Ragtime-Polka, uplifting tuba, western piano, frisky Download Track-Cuesheet Slapstick
24 Hopsing Klopps 02:00 Sunny Hawaiian-Pop, funny ukulele, slide-whistle, light, tipsy Download Track-Cuesheet Slapstick
25 I Know Exactly What I Do 01:40 Happy Swing-Pop, comic instruments, clumsy, light-hearted Download Track-Cuesheet Slapstick
26 Drunken Animals 01:50 Light-hearted Waltz, funny woodwinds, clumsy, cheeky Download Track-Cuesheet Slapstick
27 Kindisch Polka 01:27 Lively Polka-Pop, childish piano, xylophone, frisky, playful Download Track-Cuesheet Slapstick
28 Crazy Critters 01:32 Funny Filmscore, clownish tuba, wah guitar, light-hearted Download Track-Cuesheet Slapstick
29 Slappy 01:30 Frolicking Filmscore, uplifting piano, guitar, playful, happy Download Track-Cuesheet Slapstick
30 It's A Blooper 01:32 Bizarre Filmscore, funny banjo, piano, stupid, confident, nuts Download Track-Cuesheet Slapstick
31 Sly Fox 01:21 Frisky Ragtime-Swing, clownish xylophone & banjo, nuts Download Track-Cuesheet Slapstick
32 Shooty Booty 01:39 Happy Polka-Pop, funny xylophone, piano, clarinet, cheerful Download Track-Cuesheet Slapstick
33 Frog Whirl 01:51 Cheerful Children's Song, bizarre synth, tuba, playful, frisky Download Track-Cuesheet Slapstick
Album Description:

Un mix per i momenti oops della vita. Tracce affascinanti e grossolane per gonne che si sollevano, pavimenti scivolosi e movenze goffe. Veramente coinvolgente!