// 4em188 Pop Styles: Back In The Day //
01 One Mo Town 01:30 This strutting, upbeat Motown-inspired cue creates good feelings with funky, grooving guitars and bass, tight drums, and energetic, celebratory horns. Download Track-Cuesheet Old School Party
02 Booty Groove 02:19 This funky go-go track has a grooving, lively rhythm section, sax, and percussion for a feel-good, cool, soulful party vibe. Download Track-Cuesheet Old School Party
03 Motown City 02:07 Upbeat motown drums support energetic horns in this happy, driving cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Old School Party
04 Dancing Times 01:59 Strutting guitar lines, a fun drum beat and exuberant horns create an upbeat Motown sound in this R&B/Rock cue. Download Track-Cuesheet Old School Party
05 City Life 01:23 Strutting, driving drums, funky keys, and horns create a cool, retro groove with an expectant, building feel. Download Track-Cuesheet Old School Party
06 Upbeat Boomers 01:47 This strutting motown groove uses propulsive drums and tight rhythm guitars to create a feel-good sense of fun and optimism. Download Track-Cuesheet Fun & Funky
07 Funky Badger 01:41 This upbeat, fun funk jam has a feel-good seventies feel. Download Track-Cuesheet Fun & Funky
08 Manchester To Motortown 01:34 This tight, playful band cue uses a sparse early rock arrangement and blues-y licks to create a cool mood with a fun attitude. Download Track-Cuesheet Fun & Funky
09 Funky Soles 01:42 This soulful funky groove has a restrained, tough emotional feel to it, as it goes about its business, keeping its cool. Download Track-Cuesheet Fun & Funky
10 Go With The Flow 01:39 This strutting, laid-back funk-rock track has a sparse, relaxed swagger. Download Track-Cuesheet Fun & Funky
Album Description:

Fun, Funky, Soulful, Urban, Playful, Laid Back. This collection of funk and soul tracks have a cool city energy, strutting attitude, and upbeat rhythms, combining a sense of fun with a confident air of getting down to business.