// ivox406 Purism //
01 Balance Of Space 02:31 Relaxed Ambient, artful bells, synths, well designed Download Track-Cuesheet Matching Colours
02 Glide Technology 01:42 Soothing Ambient, pizzicato strings, pads, smart design Download Track-Cuesheet Matching Colours
03 Create Some Space 02:01 Valuable Ambient, calm piano, pleasant interior design Download Track-Cuesheet Matching Colours
04 Minimal Modern Design 01:59 Modern Ambient, relaxing piano, synth, artful design Download Track-Cuesheet Matching Colours
05 Design Layouts 02:20 Abstract Ambient, calm synths, green habitat, modern Download Track-Cuesheet Matching Colours
06 Micro Shift 01:31 Calm Ambient, pizzicato strings, pads, innovative design Download Track-Cuesheet Smart Ideas
07 Sinus Bells 02:09 Innovative Ambient, pulsating synth, bells, relaxed, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Smart Ideas
08 Transparent Me 01:32 Smart Ambient, pizzicato strings, curious, open minded Download Track-Cuesheet Smart Ideas
09 Frozen Music 02:11 Peaceful Ambient, pizzicato strings, balanced, satisfied Download Track-Cuesheet Smart Ideas
10 From Another View 01:34 Thoughtful Atmosphere, pizzicato strings, cello, sensitive Download Track-Cuesheet Smart Ideas
11 Peculiar Lighting 01:33 Positive Atmosphere, gentle marimba, green, smart living Download Track-Cuesheet Smart Ideas
12 Pure Design 02:16 Light Ambient, calm guitar, bass, creative, artful, elaborate Download Track-Cuesheet Smart Ideas
13 Sky Harp 02:12 Mystic Atmosphere, peaceful harp, pads, extraordinary Download Track-Cuesheet Smart Ideas
14 Code Green 01:32 Minimalist Ambient, pulsating synth, novel concepts Download Track-Cuesheet Design Meets Function
15 Removing Excess 01:44 Lively Ambient-Jazz, positive rhodes, smart design, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Design Meets Function
16 Little Details 01:46 Innovative Atmosphere, pizzicato strings, synth, elaborate Download Track-Cuesheet Design Meets Function
17 Safe Area 01:34 Uplifting Atmosphere, pizzicato strings, innovative concepts Download Track-Cuesheet Design Meets Function
18 Minimal Blue 01:20 Futuristic Atmosphere, warm cello, glistening, innovative Download Track-Cuesheet Design Meets Function
19 Essentials 01:41 Modern Ambient, pizzicato strings, synth, elaborate design Download Track-Cuesheet Design Meets Function
20 Wood And Steel 02:26 Relaxed Ambient, calm guitar, e-piano, natural, modern Download Track-Cuesheet Wider Spaces
21 The Case 01:35 Floating Atmosphere, pulsating synth, wafting, futuristic Download Track-Cuesheet Wider Spaces
22 Purified 01:22 Peaceful Ambient, wafting guitar, pads, immersing, pure Download Track-Cuesheet Wider Spaces
23 Dreaming City 01:48 Drifting Atmosphere, calm piano, bass, artful, soothing Download Track-Cuesheet Wider Spaces
24 Fine Arts 01:48 Pulsating Ambient, warm synth bells, surrounded, timeless Download Track-Cuesheet Wider Spaces
25 Corkscrew 01:40 Light Ambient, pure synth, rhodes, wafting, drifting, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Wider Spaces
26 Just As Little 02:09 Cool Ambient, pizzicato strings, synth, abstract architecture Download Track-Cuesheet Customised Design
27 Less And Lesser 01:33 Abstract Ambient, plucked synth, easy, relaxed, mature Download Track-Cuesheet Customised Design
28 Functional Comfort 01:32 Relaxed Ambient, gentle strings, luxurious, convenient Download Track-Cuesheet Customised Design
29 Leave Room 02:32 Uplifting Ambient-Indie, melodic guitar, harmonious Download Track-Cuesheet Customised Design
30 More Of Less 01:42 Peaceful Ambient, pizzicato strings & pads, floating, modern Download Track-Cuesheet Customised Design
31 Room For Thoughts 02:33 Cozy Filmscore, pizzicato strings, classy, modern, relaxed Download Track-Cuesheet Customised Design
32 Dub Life 01:53 Sophisticated Atmosphere, pizzicato strings, mysterious Download Track-Cuesheet Customised Design
33 Inside Out 02:19 Positive Ambient, wafting marimba, gentle, elaborate Download Track-Cuesheet Customised Design
Album Description:

Mix minimalista per gli spazi vuoti, forme geometriche fluttuanti, grafiche SmartArt e tutto ciò che trova l'equilibrio perfetto tra funzionalità e design.