// bib057 Scandals //
01 Tax Agent 01:36 Mysterious Electronica, tense synths, determined & mad Download Track-Cuesheet Outright Scandal
02 Trap Car 01:40 Weird Hip Hop-Dubstep, chaotic synths, determined, cool Download Track-Cuesheet Outright Scandal
03 Drug Scandal 01:39 Cool Rock, catchy solo guitar, brave, tackling, testosterone Download Track-Cuesheet Outright Scandal
04 The Mistake 02:00 Tense Hip Hop, threatening strings, focused, mysterious Download Track-Cuesheet Outright Scandal
05 Sudden Quarrel 01:43 Determined Dubstep, heavy synths, relaxed but no mercy Download Track-Cuesheet Outright Scandal
06 Scandal Online 02:00 Dynamic Electro-Pop, driving synths, floating, observing Download Track-Cuesheet Outright Scandal
07 Time Is Money 01:48 Aggressive Filmscore, mad strings, noises, determined, angry Download Track-Cuesheet Outright Scandal
08 Paparazzo Smut 02:13 Heavy Hip Hop, aggressive synths, angry, determined, cool Download Track-Cuesheet Outright Scandal
09 Unpleasant Situation 01:31 Mysterious Electronica, tense synths, focused, determined Download Track-Cuesheet Outright Scandal
10 Painful Investigations 02:19 Uneasy Electronica, gloomy sounds, guitar, unreal & angry Download Track-Cuesheet Outright Scandal
11 Riot Rudy 01:30 Tense Hip Hop, hypnotic piano, synths, urban, mysterious Download Track-Cuesheet Noose Tightens
12 Bad Business 01:44 Dark Electronica, heavy synths, aggressive & determined Download Track-Cuesheet Noose Tightens
13 Subsurface 01:51 Mysterious Hip Hop, dark pads, strings, threatening, tense Download Track-Cuesheet Noose Tightens
14 Dirty Details 02:09 Hypnotic Electronica, mysterious synths, pads, dark, tense Download Track-Cuesheet Noose Tightens
15 Way To Work 02:01 Driving Electronica, pushing synths, piano, urban, visionary Download Track-Cuesheet Noose Tightens
16 Steep Disassembly 01:32 Cool Electronica, groovy synths, heavy, dark, weird, vain Download Track-Cuesheet Noose Tightens
17 Heavy Suspicions 02:04 Tense Filmscore, nervous strings, piano, suspicious, dark Download Track-Cuesheet Noose Tightens
18 Mind The Hype 02:26 Hypnotic Atmosphere, uneasy sounds, mystic, threatening Download Track-Cuesheet Noose Tightens
19 Roar 01:43 Pulsating Atmosphere, dark pads, synths, tranquil, tense Download Track-Cuesheet Noose Tightens
20 Fingerprint 01:26 Sneaky Atmosphere, pulsating synths, mysterious, gloomy Download Track-Cuesheet Noose Tightens
21 Gossip 01:57 Gloomy Atmosphere, mysterious sounds, sneaky, tense Download Track-Cuesheet Noose Tightens
22 Public Incident 01:47 Suspenseful Atmosphere, threatening synths, determined Download Track-Cuesheet Noose Tightens
23 Small Door 01:55 Threatening Atmosphere, uneasy pads, mysterious, dark Download Track-Cuesheet Sneaking Suspision
24 Search Scan 01:51 Uneasy Atmosphere, mystic sounds, covered, threatening Download Track-Cuesheet Sneaking Suspision
25 Political Scandal 01:49 Gloomy Atmosphere, tense sounds, mystic, sneaky, focused Download Track-Cuesheet Sneaking Suspision
26 Barcash 01:39 Tense Atmosphere, dark synths, decent spirit of optimism Download Track-Cuesheet Sneaking Suspision
27 Financial Pyramid 01:43 Dark Atmosphere, frightening sounds, tense, threatening Download Track-Cuesheet Sneaking Suspision
28 Bad Bank 01:41 Hypnotic Atmosphere, uneasy sounds, sneaky, dark, calm Download Track-Cuesheet Sneaking Suspision
29 Conspiracy Theory 02:18 Oppressive Atmosphere, thoughtful piano, melancholic Download Track-Cuesheet Sneaking Suspision
30 TV Scandal 02:23 Melancholic Atmosphere, dark piano, sad but optimistic Download Track-Cuesheet Sneaking Suspision
31 Stiff Vibrations 01:36 Determined Atmosphere, mysterious piano, strings, brave Download Track-Cuesheet Sneaking Suspision
32 Wiretapping Scandal 01:44 Pulsating Atmosphere, dark strings, synths, crime scene Download Track-Cuesheet Sneaking Suspision
33 Slow Fight 02:38 Threatening Atmosphere, dark strings, synths, determined Download Track-Cuesheet Sneaking Suspision
Album Description:

Essere scoperti e finire sotto i riflettori dell’opinione pubblica. Un mix di tracce subdole per impiglianti storie di sospetti e scandali in piena regola. Il cappio si stringe.