// ivox419 True Crime //
01 Emergency Department 01:47 Mysterious Atmosphere, fateful pads, piano, dark, tense Download Track-Cuesheet Patrol
02 Sublines 01:45 Subliminal Atmosphere, tense synths, bells, pulsating Download Track-Cuesheet Patrol
03 The Instinct Of Inevitability 01:48 Threatening Atmosphere, furtive piano, synths, observing Download Track-Cuesheet Patrol
04 Follow The Money 02:20 Mystic Atmosphere, hypnotic pads, hang drum, suspicious Download Track-Cuesheet Patrol
05 Countdown To Destiny 01:56 Dramatic Atmosphere, tense strings, pads, determined Download Track-Cuesheet Patrol
06 Cold Blood 01:42 Dark Atmosphere, pulsating synths, piano, focused, fateful Download Track-Cuesheet Patrol
07 Final Hope 01:50 Mysterious Atmosphere, furtive synths, harp, cautious Download Track-Cuesheet Patrol
08 Seconds Became Hours 02:02 Threatening Atmosphere, tense synths, focused, secretly Download Track-Cuesheet Patrol
09 Intensive Care 01:52 Tense Atmosphere, mysterious pads, bells, fateful, uneasy Download Track-Cuesheet Forensic Examination
10 Every Second Counts 01:44 Nervous Atmosphere, tense synths, focused, determined Download Track-Cuesheet Forensic Examination
11 Open Heart Examination 02:06 Uneasy Atmosphere, dark pads, synths, hesitating, nervous Download Track-Cuesheet Forensic Examination
12 Waiting Times 01:41 Smooth Ambient, repetitive synths, mellow, hypnotic Download Track-Cuesheet Forensic Examination
13 At The Last Second 02:24 Creepy Electronica, tense synths, mysterious, focused Download Track-Cuesheet Forensic Examination
14 Triage 01:45 Dramatic Atmosphere, fateful piano, synths, strong-minded Download Track-Cuesheet Forensic Examination
15 Cutting Close 01:33 Uneasy Atmosphere, tense synths, foreboding, hyped up Download Track-Cuesheet Forensic Examination
16 Ambient Space 02:04 Determined Atmosphere, propulsive synths, investigative Download Track-Cuesheet Forensic Examination
17 Every Moment Counts 01:51 Thrilling Atmosphere, dramatic synths, rough, determined Download Track-Cuesheet Dangerous Mission
18 Crime And Punishment 02:08 Shady Atmosphere, tense piano, synths, uneasy, suspicious Download Track-Cuesheet Dangerous Mission
19 Emergency One 01:39 Determined Atmosphere, dark piano, dangerous, fateful Download Track-Cuesheet Dangerous Mission
20 Emergency Moment 02:09 Threatening Atmosphere, shady piano, on a knife's edge Download Track-Cuesheet Dangerous Mission
21 Vitality 01:41 Mysterious Electronica, dark synths, furtive, infiltrating Download Track-Cuesheet Dangerous Mission
22 Extreme Situation 01:49 Futuristic Atmosphere, dark pads, synths, uneasy, dramatic Download Track-Cuesheet Dangerous Mission
23 Transfusion 01:51 Uneasy Atmosphere, tense piano, guitar, furtive, intense Download Track-Cuesheet Dangerous Mission
24 Global Threats 01:59 Threatening Atmosphere, dark sounds, uneasy, infiltrating Download Track-Cuesheet Dangerous Mission
25 Officer Cold Blood 01:28 Determined Filmscore, brutal drums, synths, relentless Download Track-Cuesheet Police Raid
26 Unexpected End 01:33 Forceful Filmscore, heavy synths, radical, determined Download Track-Cuesheet Police Raid
27 Defiance 01:42 Relentless Filmscore, heavy synths, drums, intervening Download Track-Cuesheet Police Raid
28 Major Trauma 01:42 Fateful Atmosphere, nervous harp, synths, determined Download Track-Cuesheet Police Raid
29 Waiting For Help 01:58 Dark Atmosphere, uneasy pads, synths, unknown, trapped Download Track-Cuesheet Serial Killers
30 Vicious Machine 02:14 Threatening Atmosphere, dark synths, dystopic future Download Track-Cuesheet Serial Killers
31 Push The Button 02:14 Uneasy Atmosphere, nervous ticking, synths, threatening Download Track-Cuesheet Serial Killers
32 Seconds Away 02:08 Tense Atmosphere, mysterious strings, synths, jittery Download Track-Cuesheet Serial Killers
33 We Have To Decide 01:41 Unsettling Atmosphere, dark piano, pads, nervous, uneasy Download Track-Cuesheet Serial Killers
Album Description:

Un album per raccontare storie di crimini, indagini forensi, missioni pericolose e misteri difficili da decifrare. Mani in alto, polizia!